Modern Integration and Systems Design

At Tone Proper AV, we are passionate about integration.  We provide the expertise with cost-effective design solutions to fit your needs.  Our attention to every detail in design is only matched by our outstanding support.  The staff at Tone Proper AV is always current on the newest technologies and routinely train directly with the manufactures to ensure your solution works flawlessly.

What We Do

We excel in custom audio, video and lighting solutions and take pride in solving unique challenges. Our combination of technical expertise and cost-effective, in-house design provides custom solutions to fit your audio needs. No two system designs are alike, so each project is tailor-made to fit your specific audio needs.

We've worked on quite a bit.

Our decade of experience has helped to give our clients the sound system design that is perfectly tailored to their space.


Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal ballroom is a Portland, OR institution known for hosting national touring acts. When Tone Proper AV was given the opportunity to design a system for the space, the biggest design concern was coverage. Like many historic venues, the Crystal Ballroom was designed with aesthetics and not modern audio systems in mind. To combat the odd shape of the room and wall of windows, we chose to use Bose ShowMatch for its superior pattern control (even asymmetrical patterns on the window side). Our design, plus the Bose system, allows the sound to be trained on the audience and not bouncing off walls and windows. The result is a clear and earth shaking system that enhances the concert-going experience at The Crystal Ballroom

2019-05-01 10.56.58.jpg

The Spanish Ballroom at Elks Temple

The Spanish Ballroom at McMenamins Elks Temple in Tacoma WA is a wonder to behold. The look of the room is amazing and the sound is no different. The Bose ShowMatch system was designed in Bose Modeler software for optimal deployment.

The system consists of (10) ShowMatch modules and (8) ShowMatch subs. Monitor and Front of House consoles and system also provided by Tone Proper AV with every aspect being designed and engineered for longevity and quality.

Design for your benefit.

From the car that you drive, to the coffee maker you use in the morning (... and afternoon … and evening for some of us), to the computer you’re reading this website on, most of what we use in our daily lives have been painstakingly designed in a computer long before a prototype was built--a principle we follow here.  Anyone can put a PA system in a room, but exactly where, at what angle, and knowing what “tuning” needs to be done, makes all the difference, and it happens before we ever touch a thing.  When we work together we are your partner in design to work for your benefit.