Sound System Design

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Audio System Design

Good design is a key component for items you use every day. From the car that you drive, to the coffee maker you use in the morning (….and afternoon….and evening for some of us), to the computer you’re now browsing on, products we use in our daily lives have been painstakingly designed long before a prototype was built. Thoughtful design that takes into account the wants and needs of the consumer, leads to a higher quality and more effective product. This is a principle we follow at Tone Proper. Anyone can wire a few speakers and a microphone in a room and crank it to 11. The knowledge and technical expertise to know exactly where, at what angle, and knowing what “tuning” needs to be done is what makes all the difference in a professional level audio installation. The research and design work happens before we ever touch anything in your venue. We will work as your partner in design to ensure the highest quality and most effective solution to meet your audio needs.

Acoustics Design

Our sister company, Proper Acoustics, formed out of a need for proper acoustics (hence the name), which was a common occurrence for us at Tone Proper AV. As our designs are unique and each space has it own challenges, so was the need for custom acoustical solutions. Visit Proper Acoustics for more information.

Video Systems

These days, video is common and with the advent of streaming, LED Video Walls, and Laser projectors, it has never been more affordable to get these systems integrated into an existing design. We work with many state of the art companies like Digital Projection, Barco, and Vaddio to get the jobs done with amazing simplicity while staying within your budget.