St. John The Apostle

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St. John The Apostle

St. John the Apostle has been a part of the Oregon City area since 1846. The Sanctuary they are currently worshiping in was built in 1952. Parish members and donors were frustrated at the inability to hear the choir accurately, inconsistency throughout the room and the difficulty of the current analog system. These concerns and many more initiated a conversation between St. John the Apostle and Tone Proper.

Scope Of Work

St. John The Apostle has a floor seating capacity of 400. Attached is also a balcony and overflow seating area directly off of down stage left. Their current solution incorporated several 70 volt speakers in the overflow and balcony as well as added front of house PA half way back in the main seating area. With the hard walls and 50’ ceilings, adding to the incorrectly time aligned speakers, the echo made the speaking very difficult to hear.

We were very excited to bring a revolutionary solution to the table that would dramatically improve speech intelligibility and as an added benefit, a system that would blend into the building structure making in nearly invisible. We are talking about the Bose Panaray MSA12X.

The Bose Panaray MSA 12X is a self powered, Dante enabled digitally steerable line array. The Dante connections allow for up to three units to be seamlessly combined together. There are twelve 2.25” full range drivers in each unit and the Bose Articulated Array allows for up to 160 degrees of coverage.

With Bose Modeler software and Control Space Designer, we were able to completely program the array off site allowing for a quick and easy install.

The results were nothing short of amazing. With as little as three units per side, we achieved equal coverage in the main seating area, as well as the balcony and overflow.

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