What Is Not Covered In The Service Level Agreement

Replacement parts - The Service Level Agreement does not cover the cost of replacement parts.

Improper use - The Service Level Agreement does not warrantee items from improper use. Ie. Blows speakers, broken microphones, electrical issues, etc.

Items already under warrantee - The Service Level Agreement does not cover servicing items covered by warrantee claims or insurance claims. These services must be processed by the client with the manufacturer or insurance agency.

Upgrade Costs - The costs to upgrade components, services or subscriptions

Manufacturer Service Costs - The costs to upgrade components, services or subscriptions Costs incurred by servicing items through the manufacturer

Do You Service Outside The Portland Area

We are happy to service customers outisde the Portland Metro area. However For customers outside the Portland Metro Area we limit the regular quarterly maintenance to bi-annual. If the client is within 250 miles from our office travel will be covered by the SLA. For clients further than 250 miles from our office travel costs will be an added expense.

What Is The Cancelation Policy

Month to month customers may cancel at anytime.

Customers who have worked with us to pay a full year at a time may only cancel the renewal. There are no refunds for the service payed for.

Once the service is canceled all loaner equipment will either be removed or put onto a typical rental paid plan. Any equipment we put on site for the LifeLife® service will be removed upon cancellation.

Tell Me More About Emergency Loaner Equipment

The Emergency Rental Service is intended to assist customers who are experiencing a "mission critical" outage. In such a case, we will come to your site and asses what you need to get through your event and provide you with what we currently have available in our rental inventory.

The loaner equipment is not intended to be a long termn replacement and is limmited to 30 days at a time at the most.

Can I Pay Annually

Absolutely you may. As a matter of a fact, customers who pay annually get one month free! If you walk like to choose this option, simply let us know by emailing is at Service Email

Can I Upgrade My Plan

You can upgrade your plan at anytime. Smoky create a service ticket by emailing Service Email And requesting the level of service you require.

What If I Have More Than 250 Assets

Customers with more than 250 assets shold contact Tone Proper for a special quote. You can reach using one of the contact methods bellow.

Email: Service Email
Phone: (888) 283-3293

Can I Purchase A Basic Plan and Add A Room

Yes! The cost to add a room is a one time upgrade cost of $200 plus a monthly amount for however many assets are in that room.

If you are currently bellow the amnount of assets in your plan, and your new room does not exceed that plan, you will only be billed the monthly plan amount.

For instance, you are on a Basic 10 plan. This allows 10 assets and one room. If you currenly only have 5 assets and add a room; and that room only has 5 assets your total asset count is still 10. You would then pay the one time $200 upgrade fee and your monthly payment would stay the same becuase you are not exceeding the 10 asset limit of the Basic 10 plan.

To add a room to your plan simply start a support ticket be emailing us using the email address listed bellow.


What Do You Consider An Asset

An asset is any media device you want us to manage. That may be:

  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Sound Boards
  • Amplifiers
  • Stage Lights
  • Lighting Desk
  • Video Wall/li>
  • Data Projectors
  • And Much More

Things we would not cover would be:

  • Computers
  • Software
  • Routers and Switches
  • DVD Players, VCR's
  • Surveylance Systems
  • Consumer Grade Equipment
  • Custom Built Equipment
  • Equipment Leased or Rented From Another Vendor