3 Myths About Acoustics

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If you’re ready to improve the AV design and integration of your event or concert venue, rely on Tone Proper Audio & Video. Our expert team can design an AV integration system specific to your location, improving the quality of sound and video for your event or concert venue.

Part of what we do for our clients at Tone Proper Audio & Video is to improve on the acoustics at various concert and event venues. We work with the area you have to improve the quality of sound as best we can. Acoustics make a big difference in regard to the end result of your AV systems integration. For the sake of better understanding acoustics, we debunk a few acoustics myths:

Acoustics Is A Black Art

While it is true that understanding acoustics can be complex, at its core is a branch of physics that is well understood by those who have studied it. It is important to note, however, that the behavior of sound energy in an ever-changing landscape of building materials, construction methodologies, and unique building configurations can be extraordinarily complicated. At Tone Proper Audio & Video, we use a combination of detailed calculations, past experience, and rules-of-thumb to help find the acoustic solutions that work best for your concert or event venue.

All You Need Are Acoustic Panels For Sound Isolation

A basic fabric-wrapped panel is the most widely recognized acoustics treatment. However, people are often confused about what this tool can do for them. Architectural acoustics can be broken into three parts: room acoustics, sound isolation, and building system noise & vibration control. Room acoustics is the application of room shaping and finishes (such as fabric-wrapped panels) to control how a room responds to sound. Room acoustics affects things like speech intelligibility, music clarity, and reverberate noise build-up within the room. Sound isolation deals with the physical construction of a room’s envelope and its ability to control noise transmission between adjacent spaces. Sound isolation is achieved by modifying the construction of walls, doors, floors, ceilings, and glazing. It is not achieved by adding acoustic finishes like fabric-wrapped acoustic panels to the walls. Some hybrid materials do exist, but they’re rarely necessary or practical. Finally, as the name implies, building system noise and vibration control deals with a wide range of design modifications and isolation devices to control noise and vibration from mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as elevators and other building equipment.

Thinking That You Don’t Need An Expert

As we stated before, understanding acoustics is not a black art, but it does require a certain level of expertise. When you own a concert or event venue that is meant to hold a large audience taking advantage of acoustics is incredibly important. Make sure that you have acoustics implemented properly at your concert and event venues by hiring a professional. Tone Proper Audio & Video is eager to help those who own concert and event venues to improve their acoustics and AV integration.

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