3 Trends For Churches In 2020

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The new year is approaching faster and faster. It’s time to start thinking about the new year, and what that means for your congregation. One of the trends for churches this year has been to improve their AV integration, and it is a church trend we expect to hold well into the new year. To keep your church services accessible and attendance high, consider upgrading your AV system in the new year.

Tone Proper Audio & Video is passionate about AV design and integration. We use our skills and knowledge of AV equipment to make sure all your AV equipment is working well together. We can also simplify the interface of your AV system to make it easier for you to operate.

3 Audio Video Systems Trends For Churches

Improved Acoustics

Tone Proper Audio & Video can work with the structure of your sanctuary to improve the quality of sound during services. We can make sure that sound is directed where it needs to be to better ensure that your congregation can hear and understand the service.

Improved Audio Quality

When we update your church’s audio video integration, we will make sure that your audio systems are operating at optimum levels and producing high-quality sound. Making sure that your congregation hears your words is crucial to keeping them involved in the service and fostering a sense of fellowship. Make sure that none of your congregation feel left out, and opt for improved AV systems integration today.

Improved Video Quality

Adding video aspects to your service can be useful in a lot of ways. You can project hymns and verses on the screen for your congregation to follow along with, or even project the words that the church leader is speaking for the sake of deaf members of your church. For large congregations, it can be useful to cast a video of the service itself on the screen so everyone can see. With Tone Proper Audio & Video’s improved AV integration, all of your church members will feel involved and included.

Tone Proper Audio & Video’s Church Projects

Tone Proper Audio & Video is experienced with helping churches in Oregon, and we extend our services to Oregon, Washington, and California. To see the audio video integration we’ve done for other churches, visit our projects page.

Tone Proper Audio & Video Is The Best Choice For Improved AV Design And Integration In Churches

Tone Proper Audio & Video provides expertise for modern integration and AV systems design. We will work as your partner in design to ensure the highest quality and most effective solution to meet all your AV needs. Learn why good design is key to Audio System Design & Integration.