McMenamins AV System Integration Projects

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Tone Proper AV Offers the Best in AV Design and Integration for Local Event and Concert Venues

If you’re looking to make the most of your event and concert venue’s AV design and integration, contact Tone Proper AV. The team at Tone Proper AV is passionate about AV systems integration. We direct that passion into providing high-quality audio video integration services to local event and concert venues.

What is Audio Video Integration?

Almost any type of venue, and especially event and concert venues, depends on technology to help reach the audience of the various type of presentations, plays, concerts, and other events they host. More specifically, event and concert venues need various kinds of technology to work seamlessly with one another so that both the sound and visual — audio and video — portions of the performance reaches the audience. This is where AV integration comes in. AV integration is the process of making various technologies work seamlessly together and simplifying the interface of operating those various systems. Tone Proper AV offers professional AV design and integration so that events hosted at your event and concert venues run smoothly.

Tone Proper AV’s professional audio video integration team has had the privilege of working with the follow McMenamins locations to improve their AV design and integration:

McMenamins Elks Temple Hotel in Tacoma, WA

The 1916 Elks Temple has been restored and re-imagined into a vibrant gathering place for out-of-town guests and locals alike. From the Old Hangout, a bar reminiscent of world travels, to the Spanish Ballroom, a grand space hosting live music, Elks Temple offers entertainment at every turn. Click to learn more about the McMenamins Elks Temple Hotel, and check out the amazing audio video integration we designed for our McMenamins Elks Temple Hotel Project.

McMenamins Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR

The historic Crystal Ballroom -- now over a century old -- is one of those rare concert halls that can point to a proud, diverse history while also laying claim to an ongoing musical legacy. Every time you enter this majestic ballroom, let your imagination sense the tremors resonating from a century's worth of gatherings, and realize that you are joining a thriving, generations-long procession of show-goers. Click to learn more about the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom, and see the high-quality AV integration we designed for our McMenamins Crystal Ballroom Project.

For Expert AV Integration, Rely on Tone Proper Audio & Video

Tone Proper Audio & Video provides expertise for modern integration and AV systems design. We will work as your partner in design to ensure the highest quality and most effective solution to meet all your AV needs. Learn why good design is key to Audio System Design & Integration.