Amazing Sound Quality At The Crystal Ballroom

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Tone Proper Audio & Video Improves AV Integration At The Famous Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom is a nationally famous venue and has been known as a premier place to hear live music, dance, and have memorable experiences for more than 100 years. The hall has seen countless first loves unfold, police raids, visits by silent screen idols and Beat poets, psychedelic light shows, narrow escapes from fire, demolition, neglect, and has earned a listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it is a vital and thriving McMenamins owned and operated live music palace that hosts everything from rock ’n’ roll and country to hip-hop and big band swing.

Tone Proper Audio & Video Is Passionate About AV Integration

Tone Proper Audio & Video brought the best in AV design and integration to The Crystal Ballroom, and we can do the same for your venue! We choose the best equipment for each venue to make sure it gets the best quality of sound. We chose to use Bose ShowMatch for its superior pattern control (even asymmetrical patterns on the window side). Our design, plus the Bose system, allows the sound to be trained on the audience and not bouncing off the surrounding walls and windows.

For an even better quality of sound, we paired the Bose ShowMatch with a Midas FOH (Front of House) console. For audiences to get the best quality of sound at any venue, sound has to be optimized for the front of the house — or the area of a performance venue that is open to the public, such as the auditorium. The front of house speakers are the main speakers that cover the audience. The Dual Midas PRO series is truly what the professionals rely on. In fact, when Dolly Parton toured with the Dual Midas PRO series, her sound engineer Jason Glass found that his PRO9 was invaluable for the complex show. Tone Proper Audio & Video knew that such a dynamic and powerful piece of equipment would serve The Crystal Ballroom well.

Tone Proper Audio & Video Is The Best Choice For Improved AV Design And Integration In Churches

Tone Proper Audio & Video provides expertise for modern integration and AV systems design. We will work as your partner in design to ensure the highest quality and most effective solution to meet all your AV needs. Learn why good design is key to Audio System Design & Integration.