McMenamins Elks Temple AV Integration Improved With Powersoft Technology

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For Sound As Good As The McMenamins Elks Temple, Rely On Tone Proper Audio & Video

Tone Proper Audio & Video is proud to bring the best in AV design and integration to our clients. All our clients experience a marked improvement in the quality of their audio and video systems — including the famous McMenamins Elks Temple in Tacoma, Washington. The Elks Temple is a historic treasure in Tacoma, Washington. Originally built in the Renaissance Revival style in 1915-16, the McMenamins Elks Temple was designed by É. Frère Champney, a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. To keep The Elks Temple as an active part of the Tacoma community, it has been restored and reimagined into a vibrant gathering place for out-of-town guests and locals alike.

Tone Proper Audio & Video Used Powersoft Technology For The McMenamins Elks Temple

One of the updates to the McMenamins Elks Temple was to improve its AV integration in the Spanish Ballroom. This allows for audiences and guests in the McMenamins Elks Temple Spanish Ballroom to enjoy the historic location with all the benefits of modern sound design. For this location, Tone Proper Audio & Video implemented the use of Powersoft’s Quattrocanali series. The patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology allows up for the maximization of the system's efficiency. With Output Powers ranging from 300W to 1200W per channel, in-depth control, and monitoring capabilities, Quattrocanali is designed to be conveniently tailored to all small to medium-sized installation projects.

Why We Chose The Powersoft Quattrocanali Series

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At Tone Proper Audio & Video, we are serious about proper AV integration. When we assess the locations at which we are hired for AV integration, we carefully consider the room’s unique design and what equipment will best improve the quality of the AV integration. For the Spanish Ballroom, we chose to use the Powersoft Quattrocanali series. Powersoft’s Quattrocanali platform offers a large configuration of amp channels in a small space. It offers both density and high sound quality. In fact, while other companies will sacrifice sound quality in order to go smaller, Powersoft doesn’t. For what just four Powersoft Quattrocanali 4804s are able to do, you’d need something that takes up three times the amount of rack space with just about any other manufacturer. Powersoft Quattrocanali 4804s are also efficient. Left in idle mode, they run on extremely low power, so you don’t have to worry about heating up the room if you’re using your system for an extended period of time.

Tone Proper Audio & Video Is The Best Choice For Improved AV Design And Integration In Churches

Tone Proper Audio & Video provides expertise for modern integration and AV systems design. We will work as your partner in design to ensure the highest quality and most effective solution to meet all your AV needs. Learn why good design is key to Audio System Design & Integration.