Sound As Good As The McMenamins Elks Temple in Tacoma Washington

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Sound As Good As the McMenamins Historic Elks Temple

The Elks Temple is a historic treasure in Tacoma, Washington. Originally built in the Renaissance Revival style in 1915-16 when fraternal organizations were an important part of the community, the Elks Temple was designed by É. Frère Champney, a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. To keep the Elks Temple as an active part of the Tacoma community, it has been restored and re-imagined into a vibrant gathering place for out-of-town guests and locals alike. Among its seven floors you’ll find a McMenamins Brewery, Bottle Shop & Brewery Tasting Room, The Old Hangout, the Spanish Bar and Ballroom, and of course, Elks Temple Hotel accommodations.

Technological Updates

One of the many things that were updated during the restoration of the McMenamins Elks Temple was the Audio Video systems integration. With updated AV integration from Tone Proper Audio & Video, the quality of sound for events at the Elks Temple is better than it ever was. Specifically, Tone Proper Audio & Video set the Elks Temple up with a Bose ShowMatch, (10) Modules along with (8) SM118 single 18” Subs. ShowMatch DeltaQ systems can be found all around the world in a variety of sound reinforcement applications. At Tone Proper Audio & Video, we know that Bose ShowMatch offers full-bandwidth arrays on mobile stages and in mid-sized concert clubs, theaters, and auditoriums. This system is praised across the board by FOH engineers. According to Javi Vadillo, “The clarity and punch from the ShowMatch line array is unbelievable for a system of this size!” Andrew Primus says that “Sonically, I would not hesitate to stack the Bose system up against any of the other leading brands in the market.” Tone Proper Audio & Video knew it’d be perfect for the Elks Temple.

Why Was The Bose ShowMatch Chosen?

Tone Proper AV knew that Bose ShowMatch has undisputed sound quality, compact size, selectable coverage patterns, and scalability. We knew there was no better choice than the Bose ShowMatch System for the McMenamins Elks Temple.

The improved AC integration especially shines in the McMenamins Spanish Ballroom. Here, Tone Proper Audio & Video employed the use of 12 Fulcrum Acoustic FW-15 monitors powered by four Powersoft Quattrocanali 4804 amplifiers. Additionally, we used three channels per amp to power all 12 monitors with the additional channel on each amp powering the sound system’s ancillary equipment. This helped us to make the best of what would have otherwise been a much more difficult load-in and installation process had it not been for Powersoft’s high-density amplification platforms.

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